Friday, February 09, 2024

Biktrix unveils new model - will be at Everything Electric 2024 (formerly "Fully Charged)

After a groundbreaking year of innovation and engineering mastery, Biktrix once again unleashes a model worthy of closer inspection.  The first thing that struck me was the looks; it is a bike I would be happy to be seen in.  After all, a bicycle is a fashion statement to some degree.  


We are geeks though.  This model will satisfy some very serious criteria for our needs.  The Biktrix Juggernaut features on-demand throttle (check) and pedal assist (check), a stock battery boasting a 52V 25Ah capacity (check) with a range extender option (check), and premium suspension options for every version.  It also features modern geometry and advanced suspension kinematics for an unparalleled ride.

Power (also a box to check)?  It has 220Nm of torque with an advanced Torque+Cadence sensor for responsive, exhilarating power.  Compare this to the Bafang 500W motor with 87Nm of torque.  There is no shortage of hill climbing capability except the rider's choice of line and traction.  220Nm could spin around to lift a bike and rider vertically upwards with the right gearing.

We are hoping this will be at the Electric Everything 2024 LIVE event (formerly "Fully Charged") in Vancouver September 6-8, 2024.  They will be at booth B260 and you can test ride their eBikes on the Micromobility test track.

Also note that Biktrix is making an unparalleled offer to attendees of this year's show - they are raffling off not one, but THREE eBike packages with complete bikes and an accessory package to show attendees, one per day!  You need to be there to enter though, so get your tickets early.

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Brussels recommends new EU climate target: a 90% cut of all greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

As we already know - fossil fuels need to be transitioned away from. Regardless if you believe in climate change, we are simply running out of fossil fuels.

The 90% reduction, as compared to 1990s levels, would entail a massive deployment of renewable systems, the irreversible abolition of coal, and the near-total disappearance of gas from the bloc's energy system, as well as profound changes in transport, food, buildings, factories and waste management.

The target is necessary to keep the EU aligned with the 2015 Paris Agreement, which committed nations to keep the Earth's long-term average temperature well below 2°C and, preferably, below 1.5°C, a goal that each year appears to slip further away.

The sense of urgency dramatically ratcheted up when 2023 was declared the warmest year since records began in 1850, laying bare the ticking bomb set by the climate crisis.

Read the full story here:

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Why (Education about) saving the earth is a passion!

Lately, I have been posting many messages about how to make our earth better.  Specifically, I have been promoting alternative energy where the incumbent is Fossil fuels.  We need to transition away from this. People like Donald Trump seem to think we can keep "Drilling" and things will be okay. Here in Canada, we have the same types of politicians. They al need education to understand the reality.

I want to ask all of you to separate your beliefs in climate change from a more practical sense of what it might mean to keep our lifestyles. The fact that people like Donald still believe in drilling is not going to help us. Regardless of what you believe in terms of climate change, we (the world) are running out of fossil fuels. The affordable oil is almost gone, perhaps at best another 50-80 years.  So ask this - "When it gets scarce, how much will it cost and who will buy it (or even be able to buy it)?".

In 2045, gas will probably cost around $12 per gallon. Each year accessing fossil fuel reserves gets harder. At some point, given an oil-based economy, our civilization will falter on this point.  People (largely Americans and Canadians) complain when gas hits $4 per gallon. That is roughly 4 liters of hydrocarbons.  

I went to Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas and was confronted with people who readily complained about the price for gas. I talked to them in concession lineups. When they ordered, they paid $5 USD for a 375 ML bottle of water. Note that it takes 3 of these to make a liter, then times 4 to make a gallon. The end of this is that people who complain about $4 per gallon of gas willingly fork over $60 a gallon for water!   ((3 * $5) * 4).

I am passionate about education in this regard.  We all need to understand that fossil fuels, even at $20 per gallon, are ridiculously under-priced.  

Deprecation of Technology?

When people went to music stores and bought 8-track tapes in 1980, if they had known that the 8-track player for cars was a goner, they might have changed their buying decisions and bought CDs instead.  The same basic pattern is inherent today.

Join me at Fully Charged LIVE Canada 2024 (Vancouver Convention Center, Sep 6-8) to understand what this all means.

I will be there. It is my passion to help educate people on this topic, but more accurately, I wish to be able to help get you ahead of the curve, save you money both short and long-term, and help us all have a livable planet.

Come and join me!

Monday, February 05, 2024

A must watch video from Robert Llewellyn!

Ahead of this weekend's first Everything Electric AUSTRALIA expo in Sydney, Robert has pulled together his selection of topical News stories, including some stinky goings on in an EV transport vessel, a V2L set up that saved lives and the bikes that are saving the burning of 1 million barrels of oil a day!