Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Flash Builder 4 Tutorial - writing data to a hard drive

ADC Presents - Writing Data to a Hard Drive from Adobe AIR. The Adobe Developer Connection tutorial is about 5 minutes long and explains all the main concepts for how to ensure you can get data persisted to the hard drive from AIR. Special thanks to James Ward and Bruce for this sample.

Here is the source code. This code has been updated for Flex 4 (Download Flash Builder 4 beta) - AIR 1.5. Email me if you want to get code that you can cut and paste (dnickull at adobe dot com).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flash for Mobile Rocks! HTC Hero is the Future!

As reported by the SFGate: "The HTC Hero opens up a whole world of multimedia content with support for Flash 9, intensifying the spotlight on Apple's lack of cooperation with Adobe in bringing Flash to the iPhone."

If I had to hedge my bet on a long term winner for the mobile space, I place my bet on Android. Sorry Apple - you are just pissing off too many developers. Many of the developers in the real world work their behinds off to make awesome apps then they get blacklisted with no explanation. Apple tries to kill open source frameworks like PhoneGap while Android embraces them.

Android now not only challenges iPhone, but blows it away. The newest HTC phone has Flash 9 capability with Flash 10 coming later this year. People can now experience Web content and applications that cannot run on the iPhone. Flash developers can make use of their talent for the Android Mobile O/S. Keeping in mind that about 80 percent of all videos online use Adobe

When I get back to Canada I am going to ditch my 3G and get the HTC Hero.