Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A Fully Charged Success!

 I've now recovered after working Fully Charged LIVE. Not tired because the team wanted to me to work un-fathomable hours, only because I was so totally enthusiastic about working for this team that I pushed myself to the limits.

Fully Charged LIVE is literally the best thing I have been part of as a profession in the last decade. They are a global group of people 100% committed to solving the causes of climate change. As people, I witnessed the CEO and founder, Robert Llewellyn (of Red Dwarf fame) roll up his cleaves and putch in to move heavy iron gates as the show closed. I have almost never seen CEOs work at such tasks but it speaks volumes for their character.

Fully Charged LIVE is a show with one clear objective - to help educate people how to save our planet. The events are filled with information sessions exhibitors and keen individuals who are all working towards that goal.

I personally learned so much that I am still digesting the lessons.  For example, running a 2 stroke  leaf blower for one hour is as harmful to the environment as driving a modern car 500 KM. All modern autos have very advanced emissions control systems. Leaf blowers have zero emissions treatment and emit all the harmful gases to our atmosphere.

I also learned how to take steps to make my house more environmentally friendly. Starting with using a heat pump instead of gas heating, I also learned how to cook great dishes using induction stove tops rather than gas stove tops by two esteemed chefs.

Fully Charged LIVE is coming back to Vancouver in 2024. Although I am a contractor, I really hope to be involved in that event. It was the nexus of efforts to move our planet to a sustainable course.

More to come.