Friday, June 29, 2007

The Evangelist Dialogs: Final Entry

So this has been quite the trip. If you've been following along, you'll understand why I am tired right now. Here are the final facts and statistics:

- Airplanes dumped me in 9 cities (Vancouver, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok (only en route), Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney, and San Francisco (only en route)...

- on four continents...

- in 8 countries...

- in 12 days.

- Approximately 20-30% of total time was spent in the air.

- I gave about 20-25 talks (various sizes).

- I probably spoke to 700-1000 people directly.

- And I had two stretches in which I was awake for up to 36 hours.

Anyone still want to be an evangelist?

Since Bangalore, I went to Sydney via Singapore (again). While en route I managed to photo this beautiful sunrise from our airplane.

The Sydney leg was very useful. A lot of people were really happy to get the Web 2.0 and SOA talk. The realization that Adobe has been responsible for providing great tools for the Internet since its inception really drives home the point that we are the one to make Web 2.0 happen. For the enterprise crowd, the realization that they want the patterns for Web 2.0 for the enterprise is something they are glad Adobe "gets".

Sydney was pretty cold and rainy so I was happy to leave and get back home. Now it is time to sleep and get back into my normal time stream.