Thursday, September 17, 2009

LiveCycle Sessions at MAX Update

There are a lot of changes and a few surprises for this year's Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. The biggest and coolest of which is that the LiveCycle ES pre-conference session has SOLD OUT faster than Russell Brown's Photoshop session! Not to diss Russell (he is a very talented individual) but this really shows that LiveCycle ES is getting serious marketplace interest.

This blog post is intended to be an update to reflect some of the latest news. For starters, I want to highlight a sleeper session that I think will be really cool:

Harnessing the Value of User-Centric Applications

See how Deutsche Telekom is using Flex + Adobe LiveCycle in combination with its enterprise systems to streamline and improve HR communications with over 100,000 employees and retirees. Learn about Adobe’s vision for user-centric computing and see an in-depth demonstration that illustrates how the Flash Platform + LiveCycle ES2 together improve customer experience and employee productivity.

Why is this cool? Nothing tells a story like a customer use case. An independent third party who can share their triumphs with LiveCycle ES. I'm going if I do not have conflicts.

The LiveCycle numbers continue to grow, and we now have more sold out sessions. Yes, a VERY NICE surprise for us after 3 years of constant promotion.

LC Pre-conf training:


But in the famous words of Douglas Adams, "Don't Panic"! There are still plenty of sessions left. Just don't leave it too long if you don't want to have to wait until next year to find out why LC ES skilled developers are in super high demand. Register today!

LiveCycle Developer Sessions (repeat twice) with spaces left as of today:

What’s New in LiveCycle ES Next
Effective Form Design for Developers
How to Architect Adobe LiveCycle ES into your Enterprise Solutions
Understanding the Building Blocks of Adobe’s Solution Accelerator Program
Developing for Information Assurance with LiveCycle ES
LiveCycle Community Resources Uncovered

LiveCycle Developer Labs (repeat twice) with spaces left as of today:

Developing Applications using LiveCycle ES Workbench Next
The Next Generation of RIA’s in the Enterprise (UPDATE: JUST SOLD OUT!)
Advanced Process Design using LiveCycle Workbench ES
LiveCycle Guides Next – A Common Data Model Applied
Developing Enterprise Solutions using Adobe Solution Accelerators

LiveCycle Envision Sessions with space left as of today:

Harnessing the Value of User Centric Solutions
Enterprise Apps that Work the Way People Work
Next Generation Clinical Trial Apps
Business Value of User Experience
Partnering to Deliver User Centric Solutions

SOA and Services Camp Developer Labs with spaces left as of today:

LiveCycle ES for Service Orchestration (Hands on Lab)
Building AIR LiveCycle Desktop (Hands on Lab)

SOA and Services Camp Developer Sessions:

Enterprise Cloud Computing: LiveCycle Express
Adobe Services, SOA, and Cloud Roadmap

Flex/LC DS Developer Sessions:

High-Performance Real-time Messaging with Flex and LC DS
Introduction to BlazeDs and LiveCycle DS
Integrating Spring with BlazeDS  and LC DS

Flex/LC DS Bring Your Own Laptop lab:

Making Real-time data Come alive with Flex Data Services

Flex/LC DS Developer Labs:

Model-driven Development with Flash Builder and LC DS:
BlazeDS and LiveCycle DS in the Cloud

Flex/LC DS Pre-conf Lab:

Using Data Services to Power Flex Applications

Accessibility Developer Session:

Building Accessible LC Forms

ColdFusion Developer Session:

Making the most of CF and LiveCycle
Platform Roadmap: Flash Platform Servers and Services: 25

Register today! Come to MAX. Learn, drink, party!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Duane's World Season Two Opener!

The first episode of Duane's World Season II is out. This special two-part episode covers Adobe MAX in Milan, Italy, and San Francisco (will be featured in part 2) plus interviews with RedMonk founder James Governor. Code and Tunes features a tutorial on how to use BlazeDS to build a 3-tier architecture and invoke services using AMF from a Flex front end.

The interview with James is very cool as he is very modest about RedMonk's accomplishments. RedMonk has been voted a major force in the IT industry and has re-written a lot of the rules of how the analyst industry works in IT.

Lee Brimelow Adobe MAX promotion

Like Lee says - "It's about the beer!" I think I talked to that PR guy once. LOL!!!