Monday, October 17, 2005

Autocross - four 1sts, one second for 2005

My first year of racing a twin turbo Porsche has been an overwhelming success. In 5 races, I managed to finish first 4 times. The car is nothing short of amazing. The Ruf wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport II "R" comps really keep this thing hooked up. Weissach motorsports really helped me out well. Stuart Davidson, a former racer himself, really got my car balanced and set up well.

Not sure what next year is brining. We will have a new addition to our family this fall so things may be more hectic.

Possible updates for next year:

1. A child seat in the back so my 2.5 year old daughter and I can spend some quality time together. Hmm - better think about that one.
2. Ruf Turbos - boost the BOP to over 550. NICE!!!
3. Fabspeed Exhaust - another 50 BOP
4. A cup holder to ensure my starbucks cappucino does not spill while weaving through cones.
5. A tripod so I can share videos from the car via this blog?