Wednesday, November 22, 2023

To our EU Friends - Fully Charged LIVE is an Electric Train Ride Away!

This weekend's show at the RAI in Amsterdam is once gain ground zero for anyone wanting to decarbonize their lives and for the hundreds of companies offering products and services to enable that path.  We would attend in person if it were possible to get from North America to the EU without burning jet or Marine fuel. Someday, we hope companies like Duxion ( can offer electric Aviation options for air travel or that Acel Power ( powered ships were in the Atlantic, ready to take passengers.

There are several notable companies at Fully Charged LIVE in the EU this weekend. One we highly recommend visiting (for the two-wheeled crowd) is Verge Motorcycles!  They are out of Estonia and have a massively cool looking electric motorcycle (Photo below).

Get your tickets/learn more here:

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The World's Largest & Most Diverse Collection of EVs!

The Zeekr X is literally one of the many EVs that will be on display at Fully Charged LIVE in Amsterdam Nov 24-26 this year.  Everything Electric's (formerly Fully Charged LIVE) Elliot goes for a spin in the new Zeekr X. A sister car to the excellent Volvo EX30 and Smart #1, but packed with more gadgets than the two combined, has Zeekr created a truly desirable, luxury family car - or just a gimmick on wheels?

The event this weekend is believed to be the world's single largest collection of diverse brands of EV ever.  Don't take our word for it, attend and see for yourself. Tickets still available -

Another Reason to see Fully Charged LIVE in Amsterdam at the RAI!

 I live in Canada, the country of 1,000,000 lakes and 36,000,000 people who love to use them.  Sadly, boating has a huge negative GHG footprint.  We all strive to reduce our CO2 footprint but we also love boating.  One of the coolest answers to this dilemna is shown off by Thames Electric in this interview with Robert Llewellyn. 

If you are in Europe, come to Fully Charged LIVE in Amsterdam, November 24, 25 and 26 -   Travel via EV, rail or your choice of non-greenhouse gas producing method of transport.