Monday, April 01, 2013

Finally! Concrete Proof of Global Warming!

I have been working with many environmentalist groups and trying to get absolute proof global warming is real.  This week, the proof came to me from an unlikely source.  One of my friends told me about a guy who bought a house and now has tropical fruit growing in Vancouver's east side. He literally bought it a few years ago and had these nice tropical trees growing in the front yard.  Twenty years ago you could not grow palms in Vancouver but as our winters have become more milder, this has changed.

The absolute stunner came this month when we discovered two fully grown pineapples on the tree.  Pineapples are usually not produced except in strange circumstances when winter temperatures do not get colder than 6 degrees Celsius and we get spring temperatures of 20 degrees by February.   This year, this has happened and his tree is now producing Pineapples.