Friday, February 09, 2024

Biktrix unveils new model - will be at Everything Electric 2024 (formerly "Fully Charged)

After a groundbreaking year of innovation and engineering mastery, Biktrix once again unleashes a model worthy of closer inspection.  The first thing that struck me was the looks; it is a bike I would be happy to be seen in.  After all, a bicycle is a fashion statement to some degree.  


We are geeks though.  This model will satisfy some very serious criteria for our needs.  The Biktrix Juggernaut features on-demand throttle (check) and pedal assist (check), a stock battery boasting a 52V 25Ah capacity (check) with a range extender option (check), and premium suspension options for every version.  It also features modern geometry and advanced suspension kinematics for an unparalleled ride.

Power (also a box to check)?  It has 220Nm of torque with an advanced Torque+Cadence sensor for responsive, exhilarating power.  Compare this to the Bafang 500W motor with 87Nm of torque.  There is no shortage of hill climbing capability except the rider's choice of line and traction.  220Nm could spin around to lift a bike and rider vertically upwards with the right gearing.

We are hoping this will be at the Electric Everything 2024 LIVE event (formerly "Fully Charged") in Vancouver September 6-8, 2024.  They will be at booth B260 and you can test ride their eBikes on the Micromobility test track.

Also note that Biktrix is making an unparalleled offer to attendees of this year's show - they are raffling off not one, but THREE eBike packages with complete bikes and an accessory package to show attendees, one per day!  You need to be there to enter though, so get your tickets early.

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