Friday, August 18, 2023

Apply to join the Canadian TCS program at GITEX 2023: The largest tech and startup event in Dubai!

Tech companies with eyes on the UAE as their next global destination are invited to join the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)'s B2B program occurring on the margins of GITEX 2023, one of the world's largest and most influential technology shows. The event routinely brings together thought‑leaders, creators, innovators, and decision‑makers to discuss, debate and showcase new products, as well as to identify future opportunities. The event covers the themes of AI, IoT, 5G, cloud, big data, cybersecurity, blockchain, quantum computing, fintech, immersive marketing, gaming, metaverse, urban mobility, smart city and sustainability.

If selected for the TCS business‑to‑business (B2B) program, you will:

  • Attend preorganized one‑on‑one B2B meetings with local companies onsite
  • Participate in high‑level discussions with government agencies and regulatory bodies
  • Receive advice from trade commissioners ingrained in the local market

Date: October 16‑20, 2023

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Application deadline: September 4, 2023

Cost: Free*

Any Cleantech Canadian startups should think of applying asap.  There is no cost to participate in the GITEX 2023 B2B program. If you intend to take part in the in‑person meetings from October 16‑20, you will need to purchase a GITEX Conference ticket to access the B2B meeting site (DWTC).

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian businesses of all sizes succeed in international markets with export advisory services, funding and accelerator programs. With a presence in more than 160 cities worldwide, the TCS can help you go global.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Fully Charged LIVE - Vancouver, Sep 8-10, 2023

I am very happy to report that I am working as a contractor with Fully Charged LIVE with the Vancouver team doing technical sales.  Billed as the World’s Number 1 Home Energy & Electric Vehicle Show, Fully Charged LIVE (FCL) is coming to Vancouver September 8-10, 2023.  This will be one of only six Fully Charged Live events held around the world in 2023 and only one of two in North America.  The Live show was forged from the massive success of the Fully Charged Show, which started as a single Youtube Channel in 2010 that has now grown to a Clean Tech media powerhouse online and through social media with nearly 1M subscribers and over 4M views per month.  

The most awesome thing about this is I am working for Kryton!  If you are a Red Dwarf fan, you will understand.  Robert is one of the most gifted and talented people of our era and I was lucky enough to meet him last year in person. If you do not know Red Dwarf, please watch at least one episode of the cult classic BBC series.   It turns out Robert Llewellyn shares the same passion I have to save our planet form the perils of GHGs.  I am honored to be a part of the team with Jo, Dan, Jason and others.

FCL Canada will showcase what is new and next for electrification, renewable energy and clean technologies for consumers and businesses alike, all while hosting world class presentations from industry experts and Fully Charged personalities.  Clean Energy is what FCL is all about and with the full support of our Title Sponsor BC Hydro, FCL is working with industry, government, the private sector, sustainable leaders and industry experts to showcase everything to help electrify our lives and our future.

The event has a strong emphasis on transportation with a major focus on EV’s but including everything from e-bikes to micro-mobility, transit, commercial vehicles, marine vessels and even airplanes, all while presenting charging options, mobility planning and various related products and services. Attendees can explore and even test pilot a wide variety of transportation and mobility options of all shapes and sizes to fit their lifestyle and needs.  FCL has a variety of test drive/ride options including, an indoor/outdoor EV test drive, a LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) test drive, E-Bike track and Seawall access, and a Micro Machine test track.  

FCL also presents ways of transforming your homes and businesses to be more efficient with solar and wind technologies, battery storage, heat pumps, insulation, smart control tech and the latest and greatest for efficiency and aesthetics. The internationally celebrated feature, the Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT), presented by Vancity, will allow attendees the opportunity to book one-on-one time with industry experts to discuss their personal household considerations and plans to be more energy conscious.   

Government programs, municipal governments, trade associations, new innovations, education, fleet services, B2B connections/opportunities, will all be under the living green roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre at FCL. Our ‘whole industry approach to electrification’ ensures we are not simply an auto show nor a consumer marketplace, rather a multi-faceted platform where businesses and consumers can find real world solutions for today that will be future proof moving forward. FCL delivers a values-based audience that have their purchasing and lifestyle decisions rooted in doing better for the environment by way of clean energy solutions.  

I will be there! Come by and visit me!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Did Tesla Win the EV Charge Plug Format Standards War?

Source: Associated Press

You're probably familiar with previous technology format wars, whether it be VHS versus Betamax or Blu-ray versus HD DVD. Now another has quickly brewed in the way people plug in and charge their electric vehicles. It's a battle of CCS versus NACS, and the winning format has a familiar backer: Tesla. Edmunds' experts break down what EV owners need to know about the format changes.

Some background context for those who don't yet own EVs.  Most EVs currently have one of two types of plug styles to connect to public fast-charging stations. The first is called the Combined Charging System, or CCS. It's used on nearly all EVs with one notable exception - the Tesla vehicles.  The second competing standard is the North American Charging Standard, or NACS, which Tesla uses.

I always agreed with the statement "The wonderful thing about standards is you have so many to choose from for any given topic".  Arrg!

These two formats currently coexist independently without much issue. If you own a Tesla, you'll typically stop at a Tesla Supercharger station that has NACS. For other EVs, you'll use third-party stations with the CCS-style plug.

So about the title of this post. Is Tesla winning the EV Charging Standards war?  In May 2023, Ford made a shocking announcement: It has made a deal with Tesla to switch its future EVs to Tesla's NACS plug in lieu of the CCS plug. The switch to NACS means owners of these Ford EVs will be able to charge at Tesla stations. Soon after, many other automakers followed suit.

At the time of the AP article, companies that have agreed to switch to NACS include Ford Motor Co., Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Nissan, Rivian, Volvo and Polestar. A number of other automakers such as BMW, Volkswagen and Hyundai are in discussions with Tesla but have not yet confirmed a switch to NACS.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Squarespace Acquiting Google Domain Registrations

 Some news for all those who have domains registered with Google Domains.