Monday, March 22, 2010

Duane's World - tutorial on LiveCycle cloud, SAP TechEd

This is my longest episode to date but it covers a lot of ground. This contains some great footage of the SAP TechEd 2009 including an exclusive interview with Craig Cmehil! There is also a complete tutorial to get you up and running on the LiveCycle ES2 cloud offering including working in Eclipse on a Mac OS X system to program against the ES2 SDK.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flash Builder 4 Released!

Perhaps the best (or worst) kept secret is the launch of Flash Builder 4. Well, damn - it is now out. At 12:01 EDT we have officially launched it.

So what is Flash Builder 4? Easy--it is the next product in the Flex Builder line. For those of you not familiar with Flex Builder, it is simply the best way to build enterprise Flash applications. I personally tried the Flash professional authoring tools and had a tough time. The first time I tried Flex Builder, it spoke to me. Events, objects, bindings and a host of other standard OO programming concepts.

Flash Builder 4 works with Flex 4, the successor to the Flex 3 SDK. Flex 4 has the new Spark skinning and component architecture. This offers substantial improvements over the previous component architecture and reflects the top asks from many developers who wanted Adobe to push the framework to a new level.

There are over 90 new features in this release. You can also use multiple SDKs so your Flex 3 projects will drop right in. Rather than repeat all the text, read about it here.

So what are you waiting for? Download the trial now!

I also want to personally thank the entire Flash Builder team for this release. This sets the new standard for Flex.

Have a drink on me all!