Monday, October 01, 2012

Document tracking at it's finest!

One of Technoracle Advanced Systems (my new company) customers has launched a great service today that allows document users to track the use of and control their documents over the lifecycle of the document.  They have built a very simplified and powerful web based interface to enable users to avoid many huge problems of document management.

The company is called Docktrackr and we are excited to also write this post to invite readers to access this version of docTrackr.  DocTrackr allows you to remotely control access to your Microsoft Office and PDF documents even after sharing them with others:
  • Collaborate and exchange information more securely than ever
  • Remotely destroy your documents at your discretion even after sharing them
  • Control who can access your documents
  • Know in real time how your recipients are using your documents
The best part is that no additional software required. The recipients of your documents only need Adobe Reader or Microsoft Office to open the files.  They have done a lot of work with DocTrackr and we (Technoracle) would like to extend the invitation to try it by emailing or visting to get an account.

Congratulations to Uli, Clement and Alex!