Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Very Cool AIR Mobile Application

Burhan Bozkurt has built a mobile IM and Video Chat application with Adobe AIR.
The name of the application is B-Messenger.  Thanks to AIR 3, both Android and iOS versions are very stable and functional now.

iOS version iTunes links:

Android version Android Market links:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Silicon Valley Code Camp Materials

The 2011 Silicon Valley Code Camp rocked!  Peter and the other organizers have really put on a first class event and it is great to watch it grow year over year.  The high point of this event is that it is all free and covers so much disparate technology.  I plan to be there next year.

For those who attended my sessions, here are the files I promised.

1. Customer Experience Management (CEM) for Architects - this is a look at an emerging architectural discipline surrounding multi-channel user experience.  The key relationships between running a successful enterprise and having a good user experience over disparate channels are discussed.

CEM-SVCC_Oct2011.ppt.zip - PPT format (18 MB)

2. Hands on Mobile Development using Flash Builder for iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS - during this course you will learn how to set up your development environment, architect and build a mobile application, use arrays, switch-case statements, while loops, data binding, remote data handling, Accelerometer access, Camera and Microphone access, GPS Receiver and all basic gestures.  Anyone can take this course with a little XML syntax knowledge and basic programming experience.

BL3453-ALL.zip - ZIP archive of source code, icons, preparation guide and courseware