Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Talks for WebManiacs 2008!

I have agreed to do two talks for WebManiacs 2008 in Washington, DC this spring (May 19-23).

The WebManiacs 2008 conference schedule has been finalized and registration is open. Early bird pricing ends Jan 31. Consisting of a two-day ColdFusion conference ("CFManiacs") coupled with a three-day Flex conference (FlexManiacs), hosting over 70 speakers and 130 distinct topics (some of which are hands-on), WebManiacs promises to have the most comprehensive coverage of Flex, AIR, and ColdFusion at the lowest price. Seating is limited, so folks should register early in order to get into the more popular sessions.

My sessions are architectural in nature:

1. SOA and BPM, a practical approach to business automation

Abstract: This session will discuss Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as
an architectural paradigm then pose some interesting architectural questions
about the pragmatic relationship with Business Process Management (BPM).
While many consider BPM a part of SOA, it is in fact not and the presenter
will clearly explain why. It is, however, often the end state sought by
those who pursue SOA as an architectural model and hence has a close
relationship with SOA.

The topics covered will include identifying services by modeling
business processes to spot services used by more than one process, the
question of how much process state a service should be aware of, reuse vs.
repurposing, various standards approaches to SOA and BPM, as well as a case
study of large scale SOA for powering Enterprise 2.0 type applications.

2. Web 2.0 patterns, models and architecture

Abstract: Many enterprises seek knowledge of the design patterns used by
successful Web 2.0 companies. This session starts with Tim O'Reilly's list
of Web 2.0 examples and distills the abstract architectural patterns
behind the examples. By using the patterns notation, the core knowledge of
the design principles is preserved in a template which can be reused in
multiple contexts.

Duane will also show the evolution of the client server model into a 5-tier
model based on the consistent concepts of most successful Web 2.0 patterns.
The model serves as a useful starting point for anyone designing either
business models or technology for Web 2.0. The Web 2.0 model is also used to
illustrate a reference architecture. This abstract set of technology
components allows developers to start thinking about the types of technology
decisions required for building Web 2.0 projects.


Hope to see you all there!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

InsideRIA site on O’Reilly Network is live!

InsideRIA has just launched! My good friend Andre Charland (Nitobi) is the lead blogger.

It’s a gathering place for thought leaders in the RIA field. (See http://www.insideria.com/experts.html ). The site will be an ongoing conversation about RIA technologies including Flex, AIR, and AJAX – the experts will be continually posting their opinions, cool findings, and technical information to the site. The other leader of the site, another good friend Rich Tretola (Everything Flex and Community Manager/Editor), is an expert in his field.

These guys are off to a good start! Please take a visit.