Friday, June 04, 2010

Website and Blog Hosting - some questions.

Technoracle has been on Blogger now for over 4 years and feel I may be missing out on some of the new features of blog platforms. While investigating these, I also started thinking about just using another company's Website hosting and build my own blog and condense all my other websites on to one provider. The reasons are pretty obvious. No waiting on third party sites for widgets or auxiliary items to load, full control over look and feel, etc. On the downside, WordPress, Blogger and others give you a lot out of the box and the server hosting from various third party suppliers is actually pretty cheap.

I already have my web collateral pretty spread out too. (where I place a lot of tutorials) is hosted on a dedicated server hosting. is on yet another provider and and are on two different providers. This is before we ever get into MySpace, Facebook etc. Here are some things running through my mind though:

1. Will condensing all of them into one IP address affect search engine results? While they are not interlinked much, there are some links. My gut tells me yes but I am looking for anyone with actual experience.

2. Staying on blogger seems to result in blog posts being indexed much quicker than using non-Google owned blog platforms. Anyone have some experience here?

3. I haven't migrated to the new templates. Has anyone experience with this old Technoracle Blogger template moving to a newer one? I heard it is lossy.

Any other advice on my contemplated consolidation would be appreciated.

Have a great weekend everyone!

New Video Tutorial - LiveCycle Services via SOAP.

This is the latest in a series of videos aimed at Adobe LiveCycle ES2 for Java (tm) developers. This tutorial covers using SOAP based web services to invoke remote ES2 services. The project is built in the Eclipse IDE and if you want it, email us here at technoracle.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Comparison - Full Screen H.264 video on Google Nexus 1 vs. MacBook pro

We were contacted by the lads over at about video on mobile to gather some more information. I decided rather than give them the technical marketing belch, it might be better just to show them via video how well Flash Player 10.1, running on the Google Nexus One smartphone, can render full screen H.264. Unfortunately, the camera I used to film this does not do the video justice, nor does the YouTube conversion. If I get a better result on Vimeo, I will replace the video embedded. Nevertheless, this video shows a true comparison on how a full screen video experience runs roughly the same whether using the Gala Flash Player (Mac OS X hardware accelerated) on a MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop and the Google Nexus One Android smartphone using the latest Flash Player 10.1 (not Flash Lite - full Flash Player).

The video can be seen at