Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Adobe Open Source and Transparency

I got an email from Dave McAllister I want to post here. It really makes me proud that we are moving in this direction. It was also written up here.

"Today, we formally launched phase 1 of open@adobe, our new portal for open stuff. Open@Adobe ( is the first instantiation of SourceForge's new developer platform. Open@Adobe is a site aggregating Adobe's openness programs, which includes source code hosting, such as the Adobe® Flex framework, and contributions from Adobe to standards organizations, as well as specifications.

It has been clear for some time that we needed to become more aligned with development principles is seen in open source projects. We've always followed a open process model, with exposure to our bug bases, open discussion forums , roadmaps for products, and early access through Adobe Labs. However, our current repository was not meeting the desire to allow our projects to evolve in multiple directions simultaneously.

In short, Source Forge was beginning to redesign their forge. Because of this we had the chance to add our requests, such as the ability to link back to existing Adobe properties (like forums) and in the future, adding the ability to unify the bugbase to our engineering teams. We worked with a number of existing projects to get their input, and it was fascinating the input we did get.

We wanted to tap the creative and innovative energies of the open source community. SF today hosts over 250K projects and has around 3M downloads a day. We’ve seen some increase in our numbers since its been up, even though it wasn’t announced to today. We wanted the ability for groups and individuals to self create projects; and in the near future to recognize the existence of projects built on our open source core technologies. There are planned updates during the next year, and the various projects will move from to open@adobe as it makes sense.

Feel free to take a look, and if you want to join in (even if you just want us to point to something you’re doing. Let us know.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MAX 2010 - Get your LiveCycle ES Career on Track!

MAX 2010, October 23 -27th at the LA Convention Center, will feature an expanded LiveCycle ES bundle including tons of new materials and topics. All sessions and hands-on training will be done with the latest versions including such awesome improvements as Action Builder and the Service Discovery plug-in.

It's no secret, LiveCycle ES developers are in high demand. Don't believe me, check out the barrage of "LiveCycle Developers Wanted" postings (297 results) on the Google LiveCycle Developers list. Some pay as high as $400/hour! If you want to put your tech career into high gear, you will definitely want to get the “LiveCycle@MAX” bundle, which includes LiveCycle preconference training and full MAX conference pass. THIS SOLD OUT EARLY LAST YEAR so book it soon. The 2009 preconference LiveCycle ES workshops even sold out faster than the Photoshop training.

Sign up for the LiveCycle @ MAX Bundle now:

I'll be teaching one session, which will be featured in a later post. Every week on Technoracle, we'll try to feature one new MAX 2010 LiveCycle featured promotion.

Here is Technoracle's featured promotion for MAX 2010 for the week of July 12, 2010:

Developing a LiveCycle ES2.5 Application

This program for enterprise developers combines one-and-a-half days of introductory preconference training on Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 2.5 with a full conference pass to MAX 2010.

The "Developing a LiveCycle ES2.5 Application" preconference lab is an essential introduction to developing user-centric applications with Adobe LiveCycle ES2.5. LiveCycle ES2.5 allows both business and IT professionals to visually assemble end-to-end processes, which when combined with rich interfaces, create engaging applications that unify systems and people quickly and flexibly. We'll present an end-to-end use case bringing a rich Internet application (RIA) and a LiveCycle application together. You'll learn about the LiveCycle IDE, the Admin User Interface, and the LiveCycle ES2.5 solution components as we guide you through development of this comprehensive use case.

We strongly recommend this training to those new to LiveCycle ES2.5, or those who would like a refresher, in order to get the most value out of the more advanced LiveCycle topics that will be presented during MAX.

The Developing a LiveCycle ES2.5 Application preconference lab will take place October 23rd and 24th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.