Sunday, July 24, 2016

AmericanEHR Incorporates ONC’s Certified HIT Developer Transparency Data

I have always been proud of the work I was part of at Hot Tomali.  One of our most prolific endeavours was the work we did on American EHR pertaining to Electronic Health Records knowledge.  Hot Tomali CEO Thomas Stringham is a key co-founder of, the voice of the American medical community pertaining to ratings and readiness preparations for electronic health records software platforms. AmericanEHR is dedicated to the creation of an online community of clinicians who use IT to deliver first rate health care to American citizens. Through education, social media and the collection of peer contributed data, AmericanEHR provides tools and data to facilitate optimal decision making for potential EHR purchasers. The company has grown substantially and is largely considered the top source of accurate and timely data on the most common EHR software platforms.

On July 19 this new announcement came out:

ONC recently launched a dashboard listing new transparency information for certified health information technology. This data was released to help purchasers of health IT to access information about costs and limitations they may encounter when implementing and using certified health IT products. Developers must also make a Transparency Attestation indicating whether they will take additional voluntary actions to increase transparency regarding their products and business practices. This includes proactively providing meaningful information to prospective customers and to organizations that publish comparative information and tools for the benefit of health IT purchasers. The disclosure of this information is required under certification rules established by ONC on January 14, 2016.

AmericanEHR is proud to announce the full integration of ONC’s Certified Health IT Developer Transparency Attestation data into our certified EHR product profiles and our EHR comparison tool. Users can now see if a Certified Health IT developer supports or has declined to support the Transparency Attestation. Links to each developers Public Product Disclosure(s) are also available as downloadable PDF’s or web links.

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