Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Video Tutorial - drawing circles in Flex 3


This is a simple tutorial on how to draw circles using the flash.display.* package. The tutorial will show you how to build a simple application that will enable you to place a circle anywhere you want and understand the code behind it.

If you want the source code, please email me dnickull at adobe dot com.

Get to Adobe MAX 2009 to see more like this at the 2009 Adobe AIR and Flex Boot Camp being taught by James Ward and myself. Register before the August 31 deadline for the special prices detailed here:


Monday, August 24, 2009

I am back from Sabbatical, MAX 2009 update!

It's been a great summer - off work for more than half of it to take care of some accumulated vacation days plus a 3 week sabbatical where I almost never touched a computer (except a few tweets). I feel great and now am returning with a new perspective on many things. Via riding long distances on my bike (yesterday's ride was 195 km), I really got time to think things out.

I have a lot of email to wade through, phone calls to return and tons of promises to get back to people on various things. Please forgive me if I don't do this all at once. This image tells the story (this is just my gmail account, not my Adobe account).

I will be primarily focusing on Adobe MAX 2009 for the rest of this week. I have tons of great talks and the Services and SOA camp will be largely hands-on workshops and labs this year. Here is a smattering of what we are offering. If you are interested in any of these, please register now.

MAX 2009

Building Flex and Adobe AIR Service Clients 2009

Learn how to build service clients with Flex and Adobe AIR. In this hands-on lab, you will build various service clients using the WSDL Import Wizard, hand-coded ActionScript 3.0, and REST-based services. Attendees should come prepared to write code or to partner with someone else writing code. The following projects will be built: RSS feeds, SOAP endpoints, AMF endpoints (LiveCycle Data Services ES), REST style XML over HTTP, ColdFusion Server (via CFC), PHP, performance (Flash Remoting), fault detection, and best practices.

Speakers: Myself, Duane Nickull

Adobe AIR Boot Camp

Attend the updated version of the most popular lab at MAX 2008! Attendees will go from Flex 101, an advanced Hello World, to move through 7 to 14 subsequent applications. Each application project is carefully designed to maximize learning in a short period of time, covering 2 to 4 new concepts of development within Flex and Adobe AIR. The course will cover major topics including setting up your first project; perspectives; compiling and distributing; using MXML and AS3 side by side; working with data bindings; remote service calls; manipulating audio, video, and images; graphing; and more.

Speakers: Myself, Duane Nickull

LiveCycle ES for Java Developers

Learn Adobe LiveCycle ES in this crash course for developers. Join Evangelists Duane Nickull and Greg Wilson for a completely hands-on approach that provides solid insight into how to build, deploy, and aggregate services into automated business processes. At the heart of LiveCycle ES are powerful Java libraries for manipulating PDF documents. These services can also be called remotely from a J2EE environment via EJB or SOAP endpoints. Attendees will master how to consume services to perform operations on PDF/XDP documents; convert documents; extract XMP; and work with forms, SAP systems, and digital signatures.

There will be more coming in the next few days. Adobe MAX is going to be really good this year. Come to LA!!