Monday, October 12, 2009

New Video: 22nd Century performing in Los Angeles, CA

This video was shot Oct 6, 2009 when 22nd Century played at Adobe MAX 2009 in the LA Live Plaza. This was a great night for us to be privileged to perform at such a great venue in front of thousands of people. The song in the video is called U Generation, an assault on the lost generation between baby boomers and Gen X. The sound is totally raw (recorded on a video camera with one mic) but it turned out not too bad.

The first CD is starting to pick up in sales @ Only buy it if you really want to support the band. You can also download the 22nd Century MP3s from our MySpace (free). The CD offers far better quality in AIFF format.

Either way is cool with us. We don't do music for money but totally appreciate people who support the band via buying CDs.

22nd Century - U Generation (live) v2

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