Tuesday, February 05, 2013

New UN SPSC Codeset Released

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is a global standard for the classification of products and services offered by companies worldwide.   It is very important in terms of being able to identify trends in national productivity and also matching needs and capabilities.  

Today the UNnited Nations announced the release of version 15 of the codeset.  This version compiles about 1,000 changes to the codeset.  The changes introduce new codes and amend definitions enabling better classification of items using the codeset.

Whispr is contemplating how this could be incorporated into decision making.    While Whispr allows companies and individuals to retain an accurate archive of historic decision making, sometimes plain text gets lost in the loss of context.    The UNSPSC offers a single global classification system that can be used for company-wide visibility of spend analysis as well as cost-effective procurement practices.   The two seem like a natural fit.

UN SPSC can be perused at http://www.unspsc.org/.