Friday, November 09, 2012

When Apples go bad

Sometimes pictures are worth more than words.  Here is a great one from OSX 10.8.6 whereby a network diagnostic tool can't quite seem to understand itself.

This next one is from the same computer but inspired by Microsoft's latest antics.   

We've come such a long way since 1995!

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Ultimate Free Boaters Reference Mobile Applicaton!

Technoracle Advanced Systems Inc. has continued to work on advancing mobile capabilities by building consumer applications.   Developing a specialty in Mobile/Wireless device eForms, we have recently completed the Insta-Captain Boater's Friend.  This mobile app runs on Android currently (iOS version awaiting approval).

Insta-Captain Boaters Friend is the ultimate (and free) boaters reference.   Under Canadian Maritime law boats over 8 meters in length must have marine VHF radios on board.  This means buying equipment and passing a government exam plus paying a yearly fee.  While not a substitue for proper marine knowledge, Insta-Captain Boating Reference is an application that solves many of the most common problems for non-marine VHF equipped boats.  In fact, it is so good that it can also augment boats that have marine VHF if you have electrical issues and your radio dies.  Here is a synopsis but don't believe us, download the free app and test it on the water yourself.

Get the app for free (Android only right now) at

The main screen.  If you hit settings you can enter all the details about your boat.  A future version will send an instant alert into a server with all relevant data if you need rescue including location (lat & long), boat description, number of people on board, time or event and more.  Need a tow or gas?  No problem.  As long as you're in cell range (most under 8 meter boats are), you can call Marine Assist.  Make sure you mention the special code "InstaCaptain".  

If you need to call the Coast Guard and tell them where you are, the exact location is at your finger tips.

The entire Phonetic alphabet is also part of the application as well as a fairly comprehensive visual reference for most common aides to navigation.  By selecting any aid you can find detailed information about what it means and what you need to do.  A boaters reference application is a handy addition to any active boaters arsenal of knowledge.

Weather is one of the top reasons why boaters get in trouble.  Insta-Captain also delivers marine weather forecasts and special marine weather warnings right to your device.

The price for all this is free!   Future versions will contain routing, navigation plotting, locations of marinas and more.   For Marina's, if you want to be on this application, please let us know.  Being visible will help drive customers to sell gas and supplies as well as promote your marina.