Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flex 2.0 Beta 1 is available now!!!

Okay - no blog entry for a while so I'll make this one worth a read. Yes - Beta 2.0 is out now. There is a download available which includes Flex Framework 2.0, Flex Builder 2.0, Flex Enterprise Services 2.0, Flex Charting Components 2.0, ActionScript 3.0, Flash Player 8.5.

Flex Enterprise Services 2.0 enables a more productive way to build data-intensive Flex applications. Examples: real-time server push, occasional connectivity, and collaborative applications. Felx 2.0 has built-in support for publish/subscribe messaging and a new data services programming model, Flex Enterprise Services provides the following server-side data management channels:

* RPC Services provide traditional Flash Remoting RPC-style service invocation and managed proxying for HTTP and web service requests.
* Message Services enable applications using publish/subscribe messaging, collaboration, and real-time data push.
* Data Services enable you to more productively build applications that incorporate features such as data synchronization, transactional control and conflict management, automatic paging for large data sets, and support for application clustering.