Thursday, July 15, 2021

SEO for difficult terms like "Real Estate"

Consider this blog post an addendum to earlier posts on the topic of Search Engine Optimization. Many people have asked us how to get the number one position. This depends upon the search term you are trying to get the listing for. Sadly, this is the Achilles heel that many fail to consider.

As an example, if you are trying to achieve the number one spot for "Real Estate in Victoria BC", you need to realize this is a very competitive term and there are realtors throwing tons of money into achieving the same result.  If you are trying to get the number one spot for "XCellois Edible Kites" or "Veemo Micromobility", these terms are somewhat more specific to a single company.  By contrast, they are much easier to achieve the #1 position for. The lesson here is to understand the laws of supply and demand.

As with any endeavour, the first place to start is research. Many so called "SEO Experts" fail to actually read the valuable information placed in the Google Search Central website.  Be sure to read the data there and understand how Google actually works.  We get tons of questions every week asking about the specifics of SEO and find most of the answers sought by our clients are available via this website.

Another place to start researching your SEO is the Google Keyword Suggestion tool.  This will give you the approximate volumes of search inventory that are available based on what people actually search for.

It is also important to understand that Google search results are based upon a dynamic algorithm. There is no magic formula for getting to the #1 spot and then staying there forever.  Google measures how people interact with search results and use this data to constantly change the top ten results for any search term.

As always, if you do need help, drop us a line and we will try our best to help out.  We've been at this for 26 years, since the days of Lycos, Alta Vista and other search engines prior to Google.