Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Best Duane's World Episode ever

Thanks to the great acting of Marc Thiele, Serge Jespers and Tom Krcha, this turned out to be a great episode. The code and tunes bits involve Marc's German Metal band Spoiler (well worth checking out) as well as Flex 4 Data Paging using PHP on the back end.


  1. Whats up?

    your posts are throwing up all kinds of flashplayer errors in firefox. If you use IE8 you wont see them, it supreses flash player errors

  2. Adam:

    YOu are quite correct. I am getting these too on Firefox, OSX FP 10 too. I have pinged Bob Donlon who runs Adobe TV to take a closer look at the embed code.

    Thanks for the heads up!



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