Monday, November 02, 2009

Fastest Broadband Service in the UK?

Ahh – life as an evangelist. Conferences, fun, parties, music, snowboarding, code camps, cutting edge software *bla-bla-bla* not enough words for the fun I have in my life. Lately, I’ve been working in the UK quite a bit and want to get all the comforts of home. I’ll be there again Nov 7-11, right after my stint at SAP in Walldorf. As an Adobe Evangelist, working remotely is hard. I often forget to bring files with me or download software from a high bandwidth site. Last Thursday while waiting at the airport, it really sunk in. You can’t just depend on most Internet companies to provide a good quality of service. Fifteen minutes to upload a simple blog post really sucks. When you forget the latest build of LiveCycle ES and try it over a normal wireless while VPN’d, forget it! At over 2GB, it just doesn’t work.

When I travel for Adobe, I expect some minimal comforts. Good hotel, good food, good car (if applicable) and more. Good Internet is the least I expect so I set out on a quest to find the best broadband in the UK. Finding a good high bandwidth hotspot is hard though. Nevertheless, my googling fetched an availability checker. All you do is hit in your postal/zip code and get an immediate response with the best deals and offers for broadband service for individual ISPs. The availability checker coughed up a list of multiple, fast broadband connections, prices, terms etc. I checked out a broadband comparison between ISPs, read a couple of reviews. Finally found one that suits my needs (namely does not compromise on the speed).

If you live in the UK or are passing through for a couple of days, you may want to try the broadband availability checker.

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