Thursday, June 21, 2007

Evangelist Dialogs Day 5 and 6: India

I arrived in India late at night to find what appeared to be complete chaos. After getting my luggage, the private car picked me up in what I can only describe as a non-contact demolition derby. The entire parking lot was jammed packed with cars all beeping horns at each other. The funny thing is that it is like adding bold text to emphasize a phrase. If you bold everything, you have emphasized nothing. The Indians use their car horns in Bangalore very similarly. To beep at everything is to beep at nothing (but it is much noisier).

Now just to clarify, I have been to New York, LA, Paris, Barcelona, London and Berlin. Traffic is bad in so many places but Bangalore takes the cake. The lines in the middle of the road and the traffic lights hanging above the streets are meaningless to those who use the roads. The poor lines lie in the road in an utterly futile attempt to mark lanes, impassioned in their quest and ignored universally. Nevertheless, what a blast!! We got a great driver. He got us everywhere ahead of schedule.

At our visit to Fidelity, I received a great honor. I was asked to light a candle in front of a huge crowd with the other guest speakers to inaugurate their architects convention. There were at least 250 architects present. The talk went very well too and I found the crowd very easy to relate to as architects just get the topic of design patterns, models and reference architecture for Web 2.0. The questions were bang on.

After Fidelity, we grabbed our driver and raced across town, dodging 3-wheeled taxis, cows, pedestrians and potholes that could have swallowed a hippo.

The second talk at Infosys was really well received too. The architects at Infosys were totally amazed to see that Adobe has a really good enterprise story and we have baked SOA into our new LiveCycle ES architecture. I can’t wait to share this with the LiveCycle team back home. Infosys definitely is a first class company.

Today, we meet with some press and bloggers in addition to a few side meetings. Should be fun.

More later.

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