Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Evangelist Dialog - Day 2 (Seoul - Singapore)

Seoul is such a beautiful city. When I was here 8 years ago, the smog and traffic were so bad I could barely see three blocks. Today is a beautiful day, filled with sun and clean air. The day was very busy. All day long talk, listen, talk, listen. Here are some interesting things. My fellow blog brethren have informed me that the Korean Flex user group community has over 6500 members! They also asked me to come back and party with them with some cool Korean liquor called Shoju (spelling???). These guys were fun.

I just about missed my plane thanks to a minor fender bender which slowed freeway traffic to a crawl. Managed to make it by about 3 minutes. Once again, Singapore Airlines exceeded every single other airline.

Flying to Singapore, will be there soon.

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