Friday, May 11, 2007

Duane's World 2007 Java One "Coolest in Show" award

Every year I blog after Java One and recognize one company, demo, entry, exhibit that is better than all others. In 2006, this award went to a robotic Lego and Java demonstration. This is never an easy task since there are so many cool things at Java One. This year is no easier. After much internal debate and watching the "wow" factor from peopel seeing things for the first time, I bestow the 2007 Duane's World "Best in Show" award to the Java powered helicopter. Das ist ein sehr gute Hubschrauber!

Runners up were the Sun SPOT (Small Programmable Object Technology) and the Quebec University students Java submarine. the latter failed to make tops given they have not yet included an adaptive algorithm to learn and re-program thrust bursts based on Causality Event Programming models (The thrusters usually over-compensated in attempts to level the device). While it is not "kinderspiele" (Child's play), it could be done with minimal effort. Quebec has a long history of great technology and good hockey goalies so I look forward to seeing what they bring next year.

Disclaimer: I excluded the Flex, Apollo and Java PDF code from Adobe.


  1. Sorry to disapoint you, but the reason they did not get first place, was that their state machine had a bug in it. The sub was able to follow the pipe multiple times back and forth no problem. The issue was a last minute change in the state machine, to indicate that it was now the time to start looking for a bin to drop a marker into.

    They made a change at the last minute and did not test it. YEAH for testing :)

  2. Nevertheless, I was greatly impressed with your project. It made my top three and I was further blown away too realize this was done by students. Viva la Quebec!!!


  3. Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.


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