Friday, May 11, 2007

Stupidity knows no bounds!

I am speechless. I am not even sure where to begin addressing this. Someone at Vancouver International Airport actually convinced others to get a budget for a project to tell people how to bring food on an airplane. They developed a small logo for their project. Do they really think we need signs to help us? Did they envision that people are too clueless to figure the three steps out for themselves (1. buy food; 2. ask for it "to go", 3. bring it on plane)??? WTF??? These signs are everywhere.

This is one project I am glad I was not in any meetings for. I would have strangled someone.


  1. Watch out, Duane, your bloodpressure, let it go.... ;-)

    I wonder if part of the reason might have been new travellers not realizing that onboard meals have changed, or the airport's snackbars underperforming, something like that... the sign's weird, true, but better than "Next Sandwich, 5000 miles"...?

  2. "YVR’s Food on the Fly™ program gives passengers the option to select their own meal from any airport restaurant or concession and take it with them on their flight."
    I'm lost for words. Hmmmmm I'm thinking someone should get a swift kick in the ^&#%^ for coming up with this concept.

    "Food on the Fly™, it’s fast, fresh , convenient and STUPID"


  3. I saw that sign but never thought about it to now. Your right. It is really stupid. Who would spend time and money on such a dumb ass project.

  4. John:

    That would have actually made sense to tell passengers that the airlines changed their food policy and buying food now is a good idea to compensate. Doing such would have actually been useful information. Think about how someone who doesn't know that food is no longer being served would react if they saw this sign. It says *nothing* about the fact that "now is a good time to think about food purchases and you won't get served on board". It only tells people how to bring food on to an airplane. In fact, it doesn't even mention the fact that they likely won't get their drinks past security. That also would have been useful information.

    I am glad whatever committee made this sign did not invite me to their planning meetings.

    My blood pressure is much lower thanks to the 5 minutes I spent laughing each time I re-read this sign ;-)

  5. they just made you blog about it... in my opinion, that's ingenious marketing ;)

  6. Wendy's here in the US now have an ad' where the dork with the burger is sat on a plane. So obviously the fast food joints are seeing the opportunity here now that all you get is peanuts and crackers.

    I think the sign should say:

    1) Buy food at YVR fast food joint
    2) Open bag and cram it into your face while you wait in the security line, also holding your ticket, ID and wallet.
    3) Guzzle down your drink because you cannot take that on-board
    4) Thank Osama Bin Laden for all this insane nonsense
    5) Have a nice flight and please fly again with us soon

    Yeah right - and only because we have no other choice.

  7. UPDATE!!!!

    I just went through the domestic terminal at YVR again and the signs are down after more than one year. I checked and this blog entry got around 10,000 views. One must ponder if someone from YVR read this and realized the stupidity.

    ROTFL!!! Have to find something else to mock now. I am in Paris today. Must find enlightenment.....


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