Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Evangelist Dialogs Day 4 - Goodbye Hong Kong

..and Hello Bangkok/Bangalore India. Traveling all night is fun, really! NOT!!

My suspicions are confirmed; Cathay Pacific is first class royale! Check out my seat/bed/cocoon.

Today was another frantic day of early rise and nonstop presentations and meetings. From the start of the day it was end-to-end presentations with the exception of about 18 minutes where I had a chance to eat some food. Zip2Zap showed off a great demo of a really cool Web 2.0 application for financial services built with Flex. The Hong Kong IT crowd, like the crowds in Korea and Singapore, seems very eager to adopt the latest in Web 2.0 technologies. There is a great infectious air of enthusiasm and a “let’s do it” attitude. No wonder this region is booming economically. Lots of smart developers and lots of open minded IT managers who seem to understand that the core design patterns of SOA and Web 2.0 are essential to the future of their enterprises. This makes it very easy to deliver a compelling message about why LiveCycle ES is a must have for any company serious about being in sync and not losing its edge to the competition.

I have been asked a lot about Microsoft Silverlight and JavaFX from Sun. While I have not used either of these technologies, I wouldn’t compare them directly to AIR (the technology formerly known as Prince… oops. I meant Apollo) . What is clear is that the future of RIA development is going in the same direction. The fact that Adobe, Sun and Microsoft have all started carving out a niche in this area seems to indicate it is the place to be. Of course, Adobe has the advantage being the incumbent player in the Enterprise 2.0 space (Clarification: to me, Enterprise 2.0 is the adoption of the design patterns of Web 2.0 by enterprises). Some analysts might cast it differently so ask for a definition when talking to someone.

On a personal note, I really miss my family now. My son has a new mountain bike needing some assembly which I need to be doing but this trip pays the bills. My wife and two young daughters are hard to be without. Ahh – one more week till I return.

Hong Kong has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Check out this photo from the Adobe office:

No rest for the wicked. As I write this I am on a plane bound for Bangkok then on to Bangalore. My less-than-a-week-old 15” MacBook Pro has some serious display issues too. I went with the newer sharper display. It seems to be a hardware issue and it is making it hard to do presentations. The job of an evangelist requires nerves of steel. When things go terribly wrong with less than 3-5 minutes before starting a presentation, you need to have a backup plan, remain cool, and always do what needs to be done to do the job.

Bangalore will be another day of panic but I am also looking forward to spending more than 18 hours in one country. I get in after midnight and have to be ready to leave the hotel by 8:00 AM. So tired…. Need sleep.

More to follow.

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  1. Duane:

    Would you mind posting a link to the "core design patterns of SOA and Web 2.0" resource sites you prefer? Thanks.



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