Friday, May 18, 2012


I had a hard drive issue the other day and decided to upgrade and re-install my OS on a new drive.  I started by installing OSX Snow Leopard and then upgraded to Lion 10.7, which immediately prompted some updates to the OS, leaving me with 10.7.4. My machine is a Mac Pro running 2 X 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xenon processors.

To my horror, when I went to install Sorenson Squeeze 5, which is market on the outside package as "Universal" install for Mac meaning it runs on both PPC and Intel architectures.  When you open the folder, there are two installers - one for Intel based Macs (like mine) and one for PPC based Macs.

PPC is no longer supported but to my horror, when I tried to install the Intel version, I got the following message.

I got the same behavior with several other "universal" installs so I set up a call with Apple to discuss this, thinking it is obviously a bug.  The call took place at 9:00 AM PDT and I am going to share with you what was said to me.  BTW = if anyone from Apple wants to know who the person was, the case was Express Lane Case 315474064: Scheduled Support Call.    First  the Apple guy told me it was because Lion no longer supports PPC.  I told him that up until the day before, I had my Final Cut Pro and Sorenson running on this same machine with the Lion OSX.  He was unapologetic and told me I just had to just pay Apple to upgrade to a newer version of Final Cut Pro.  My reaction was to put my hands up and say "don't shoot" but I politely suggested this sort of behaviour was not appropriate given the stamp "Universal" means it runs on Intel.   I also told him that by him telling me I had to go and upgrade all my software was akin to robbery.   I told him I was going to blog about this and he got really worried and said he had not said anything and I should refer to the website.    He said "I didn't say that and anything you say you are making up".

Sorry pal.  The truth is the truth and this blog stays here!  That's final.  Nio court gag order will take this down.

Well, I am blogging about because other people might want to know about this.  There is an error and I hope someone from Apple reads this and sorts it out.   Please be warned! 

Dear Apple:  Please explain what "universal" really means?  From their website:

"Now every new Mac ships with an Intel processor. Experience delightful responsiveness from the smallest Mac mini to the most beefed-up Mac Pro. Use one of more than 7,000 universal applications that take full advantage of the Intel chip."


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