Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adobe LiveCycle ES3 (version 10.0) Download

Adobe has recently announced that Adobe LiveCycle ES3 is available as a download.  This announcement was met with some great enthusiasm by the community, none less than us here at Technoracle.  The brand itself had been subject of much speculation regarding it’s future and we are happy to see the investment into LiveCycle continue.  This re-invigorates our own investment to work with this excellent SOA platform.

Having now been accepted into the Adobe Enterprise Solution Partner Program, we are extremely excited to be amongst the first in the world to offer you, the customers, the ability to purchase Adobe LiveCycle ES3 and professional services around it, starting from initial project consulting to complete project management.  In case you haven’t heard, there are several new features that many enterprises have asked for.   Our great former colleagues Jeff Stanier and Dave Welch have done a spectacular job of making this release a “must have”.

LiveCycle ES3 first and foremost incorporates the Data Services ES3 module (version 4.6.1), an optimized Java server framework that can enhance and simplify the development of rich, data-intensive enterprise and mobile applications.  This includes several mobile platforms such as iOS, Android etc.

ES3 also offers a new SAP to Java connector for creating front-end interfaces to SAP systems. Alongside this update are connectors for FileNet 5 and easier SharePoint server farm deployment and integration.

Our favorite new feature is within LiveCycle Designer.  When you add a new submit button, Designer allows you to select an encryption method and choose from from several XML encryption/decryption algorithms.   This will help with many accounts we are currently working on.
Out mobile MEAP-lite platform is also a good way to add custom mobile functionality for wireless device integration into business process.  Companies like Uberity have already released a great free and open source mobile SMS module including the full source code and binaries at

So why wait?  Get started today.   Contact us, a company founded by former top LiveCycle ES rock stars and engineering managers.  Leave a omment if you wish to inquire about our services around LiveCycle ES3.

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