Friday, April 27, 2012

A Tribute to Todd Simko

I was planning on continuing my series of blog posts today on Neo4J however I was saddened yesterday but the news of the death of Todd Simko.  Todd was once the members of one of my favorite bands (Pure) and also someone whom I had the joy of working with in the studio.  This photo was taken the last time we were together with John Webster recording our second studio album at mushroom studios.  Todd Simko has a credit on 22nd Century's 2011 "Where's Howie!??" but the words "mastered by Tom Simko" just don't do him justice.

Left to right - John Webster, myself (Duane Chaos) and the late Todd Simko.

I clearly remember this day.  We were trying to do the final mixing of the song Runaway and John kept blowing fuses and getting frustrated.   The studio runner (Alexis) went out and came back with some fine French wine which we made short work of.   I distinctly remember John Webster repeating "keep that stuff away from the mixing console you two" about every five minutes.   These were good times.  Just guys, hanging out doing music, there was no time, we were all in the present and enjoying that special moment.  Todd, may you rest in peace.  Your inspiration to so many of us will never die.  Thank you for the gifts and memories you gave us both in person and on stage.    Your style inspires today and your friendliness is infectious.

Addendum:  Todd's wife issued a statement which I will repeat here:

"Minna Simko has offered the following statement on Facebook concerning her husband's passing:

"Todd may your soul be finally at peace. You are not only the most fantastic father and husband one could have, but also you were also a great friend, musician, teacher, guide, mentor and music engineer.

"The music community has suffered now a great loss and talent. Not only did you touch all the hearts of people in music but also in the lives of family, my peers and especially our daughters friends and family. You will forever remain close by in our hearts and you will be greatly missed by all."

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