Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Renaissance Hotels Censoring their Facebook page

Yesterday I made a post on the unfair and immoral practice of using a company like SonicBids that gets a monopoly on a music event causing all acts that want to play there to "PayP" to apply to play at the event.  They get exclusive rights on events like SXSW.  I found to my horror that they were trying to move into Canada via an event at the Renaissance hotel here.  I worded a polite but factual post to help them understand the system they  were promoting.  It got posted but was censored by the hotel chain webmaster.  here is the link to the event:


Here is a screenshot before being censored:

yet an hour later it is gone:

Censorship to prevent the world from knowing you are supporting an business model that takes money unfairly out of the hands on musicians.  Yes - no one will ever figure that out.  Whoops!  #SHAME!

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