Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Uberity is now live! Free WhitePaper on Mobile Strategy

Today Uberity Technology Corporation officially opened the doors for business and launched it's website. Since leaving Adobe, I have been blessed to get back together with the best developers and engineering staff I have ever worked with and start building the technology we think will help enterprises transition to extend their IT systems to the mobile space.  Uberity's mission is to help's it's customers to define, develop, deploy and support the technology that can make or break their business.

One of the first offerings we are releasing is a free White Paper on Enterprise Mobile Application  Development Strategies.  This is a pragmatic look at the challenges facing executives and managers who are responsible for their companies long term mobile development strategies.  Most of the content of this white paper comes from learning the hard way what does and does not work for mobile application development strategies.  There are plenty of options from cross compiling to running through an intermediate interpretation layer to developing natively for each stack.  This White Paper explores the key considerations along with the strengths and benefits of each approach.  More will be written on this topic later.

Another area we are working within is Adobe LiveCycle ES and Data Services.  Uberity employs several former Senior Adobe Engineering staff who worked on the core LiveCycle platform.  Along with myself, we feel we have a team that is skilled and capable to take on any LiveCycle work.  Uberity has recently successfully completed some LiveCycle Professional Services work and is open for business to hear your needs.  With a combined experience of over 32 years of LiveCycle expertise, our team is ready to take on new challenges.  If interested, contact duane at uberity dot com.

Another area we are building out is a health care solution based on using Neo4J as a graphDB back end to integrate mobile functionality.  This project is built using our modular approach to enterprise architecture and the core patterns we have implemented can be used for other verticals as well.

On a personal note, this is the most exciting thing I have done in technology for years. We've already closed a lot of business and are hungry for more.

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