Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Patent Troll claims he invented Internet

At the risk of being sued myself, I find I have to really speak out about this news story.  Found on SlashDot and after some research, it appears that Michael Doyle and Eola Technologies are suing what will inevitably be any one who uses the internet or deploys a networked coputer product. He is seeking royalties for the use of just about every modern interactive Internet technology, like watching videos or suggesting instant search results.

Michael and his company formerly sued Microsoft and won a $521 million lawsuit after successfully claiming that their Internet Explorer browser infringed one of his patents.    Hey Michael!  Guess what?  No one likes patent trolls.  On top of that, I am pretty sure that the DarpaNet founders as well as Tim Berners Lee may have something to say about this.  In fact, I would be totally willing to testify about a pre-IP/TCP program I wrote back in around 1980 that enabled two computers to communicate using 600 baud modems, 7 stop bits and half duplex.

Mr Doyle's lawsuit is rumoured to claim he created a program to view embryos online.  He furthermore claims this was actually the very first program which allowed users to interact with images inside a browser window.  In my opinion, if you abstract "browser" to a "graphical rendering tool that parses and interprets bytes into one or more interactive graphic user elements", then I also did this (albeit prior to streaming video) in about 1984 using GWBasic.    This also passed very rudimentary images over a network and changed the images at a rate of about 3 per second, creating the illusion of a crude video.

If Michael wins, I will certainly be calling up my old Computer Science professor  Mr. Langston and a few former friend who can document this.

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