Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Adobe Edge - My First JQuery/HTML5 Application

So I downloaded Adobe Edge a few days ago and installed it yesterday.  Within ten minutes I was able to create a simple animation with almost no coding.  Adobe Edge Preview 3 literally blew us away in the first few minutes by allowing the creation of JQuery and HTML/CSS animations using a WYSIWYG editor environment.

To see this again, just hit "reload".  Note that the JavaScript files are located on a remote server.  This could result in a slower loading.  The total size of all files to build the animation above is only 191 KB.  The source code for this is clean, elegant and nicely formatted.

The Edge Preview release APIs are also documented online at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/edge/resources/jsapi.html.  I feel like I need a good project now to fully test Edge in a production environment.  Any ideas?


  1. Hi, just wondering what is the srouce code for this HTML5?

    I want to implement one in an iframe from files placed on an external server (FTP).

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