Monday, November 15, 2010

Free Android App with source code

James Ward and I collaborated and wrote a simple demo app called "Scribbler".  It demonstrates some really simple concepts such as detecting screen capture and saving to the local file system on Android.  This application is a regular Flex applications that uses standard Flex 4 components (Not the new Hero/Slider framework) hence demonstrating that in some cases you can use MXML to build mobile apps.    The application is available now on the Google Android Marketplace.  We made this lame icon with "Sp" based on an indecisive moment of what to call the damn app.  If you end up having to explain it to someone say SP stands for "Sribbler Pad".

The full source code is downloadable from here.  Have fun with it!  Please tweet this (button is below) if you think others might like it.  More to follow if we are encouraged properly!


  1. If you can't decide what to call it, how are we supposed to find it in the Market? Nothing with that icon in results for 'scribbler' or 'scribbler pad' for me. Why not just use a QR code like everyone else?

  2. Thank you for sharing. it is really good example. I saw it at MAX and was looking for it.

  3. how to open files with extension .fxp ?? thanks

  4. Alfin:

    You need to download Flash Builder 4 or later. This particular project uses the Flex 4.01 SDK in Flash Builder 4 overlaid with the AIR 2.5 SDK. I can help you set that environment up if you require help. YOu should be able to get it up and running by following these steps:

    1. Download and install Flash Builder 4 as a trial from here:
    2. once you have it installed, download the AIR 2.5 or later SDK from and overlay it in your /sdks/ folder.
    3. Open up Flash Builder 4 and use the top menu "File -> Import -> Flash Builder Project" and then point the wizard at the FXP file.
    4. Click finish and it wil import the file and you can open it up and use it.

  5. thankyou for reply
    i don't know so well about android
    but I want to open that project in android project
    would u share the full source code scribblermobile in android project?

  6. thankyou for reply
    I don't know so well about android
    but I want to open that project in Android project
    would u share the full source code sribblermobile in android project?

  7. @Alfin - yes, I can share the code with you. Which Flash Builder or Flex Builder are you on? There are different projects for version 3 and 4.


  8. i want to running scribblermobile in eclipse. would you share the source code for me?

  9. The updated project for Flex 4.5.1 will be posted in a few days. I'll add a message here when it goes live.


  10. can i get android graphs application with source code..???
    1. Bar Graph
    2. Pie Chart
    3. Line Graph
    4. Scattered Plot Graph

    its deadline for semester's final project. Please Help me out..! here is my email add:

  11. can i get android voice unlocker source code??please i really need it for my study purpose

  12. hello......
    can i get sample code for changing profile from ring to ring with vibrate.


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