Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catch me if you can in LA and win Prizes!

Find me at Adobe MAX, have your photo taken with me and win tons of really cool prizes!

That's correct. The “I’m With Adobe CEM” photo contest is simple. Find me at MAX. I’ll be carrying a sign that says “I’m With Adobe CEM.” Take your photo with me and tweet the pic to our @AdobeCEM Twitter handle to be entered to win. Full details are here.

If you find me, you can also get one of 99 exclusive LiveCycle ES Developer tattoos!  All you have to do is show me you're registered for at least one LiveCycle ES session and say the magic passphrase.  If you don't know the passphrase, you may have to do some searching.  It is linked to the outcome of the best hockey game ever, the 2010 Olympic finals between Canada and the USA!

If you have not registered for a LiveCycle ES session yet, I'll be at this really cool one Monday from 5:00 - 6:30 PM called Extending LiveCycle ES for Java Developers and we still have a few seats left!

That's it.  Now I am going to disguise myself and start running really fast.  Catch me if you can!


  1. NEW!!

    Adobe MAX 2011 is now announced! Please check out the details at Make sure to follow the twitter account @duanechaos to get exclusive offers and special news about Adobe MAX 2011.


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