Sunday, August 22, 2010

UPDATE on Meningitis/Kidney failure

Hey everyone. I am so humbled by the thousands of comments, messages, emails, SMS's etc. I have received. I am truly the luckiest person alive to have so many great friends and it made a huge difference when I was sitting in the hospital room alone. You’re all correct – I’m gonna kick this sickness in the arse so hard it won’t come within a 1,000 KM of Vancouver. Cannot believe I was even thinking of letting this thing make me a victim.

So I got the renal biopsy done on Thursday and the first results were in Friday AM. The unbelievable is happening - > my own kidney’s seem to be starting to heal themselves (prognosis was less than 5% this would happen). The Creatinine score fell from over 350 to 314 with no treatment. It’s too early to tell if this is a real trend or not but I’m gonna ride this wave as if it is. There is still a long road ahead to full recovery but the best thing happened. I got discharged from the hospital after two weeks and am now getting treated as an outpatient. This means I get to be at home to recover. I still have to have daily blood tests and monitoring done so it will be a while before I am back to full speed.

I also set a short term goal to be able to play with 22nd Century on Sept 2nd at the Backstage Lounge for Jesus Krysler’s CD release party along with Blackburn X and Helmz Deep. Focusing on this show as a goalpost will help. I hope you'll join me there.

Again – I really want to thank you all. Please accept apologies if it takes a while to individually thank you but know you made a huge difference.

Peace love and chaos!



  1. Duane,

    I just read your blog and I had no idea. Hope you feel better soon. You are a fighter who never gives up and therefore I have no doubt you will be fine.

    Do the usual. Kick ass!!!

    I try to call you but I understand if you can't answer.


  2. Great news! If anyone can beat this you can, my friend!

  3. Crap Duane. I am SO SORRY to hear this. Everything happens for a reason, you won't realize it now you will later. Perhaps it was the Universe telling you to slow down a little... love and hugs and smiles and LOTS of positive wishes for a speedy recovery being sent your way. Love Jane Victoria King

  4. Excellent news Duane! Miracles happen to all of us at times and I'm so glad you're on your way to recovery, especially being at your home...take care and godspeed my friend!
    Al Bauer

  5. Hi,

    I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.


  6. Hi Duane,
    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through, but that is wonderful news that the kidneys are healing themselves. You will get thought this and beat it!

    I am treated for chronic hepatitis c with cirrhosis, so I can image how tough of a time that you are having, as I can image that the treatment that you are on must be also very rough. I keep a positive attitude and try best I can do keep my immune system up, not sure if your treatment is similar(with lowering of the blood counts & and becoming anemic), but try to stay positive, and kick this virus right out of you!

    I am wishing you a speedy recovering`-`
    Peace, Johnny

  7. So sorry to hear Duane. Get well soon!

  8. As always sending best energy and love brother...super glad to hear of the positive results. Take care to allow yourself the rest (hardest part of some of us hyper types) and ease back usual you handle yourself with notable example...thank you for making an opportunity from an otherwise "pain in the ass"...and showing the rest of us mere mortals how to get it done. Peace and blessings to you and loving family. Cheers mate. Michael.

  9. Duane: I heard the news late but my prayers are with you and your loved ones. Ed

  10. Get well soon and complete recovery!
    I hope to see you again at TechEd.


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