Monday, August 23, 2010

MAX Pick of the Week

Well, I am not really fully back at work but since I have a computer in front of me, figured I'd get a little work done. Every week (barring the hospital stay) I have been promoting a different MAX 2010 Livecycle ES session. This week, the session I will promote is one I am co-leading with Scott MacDonald. If you do not know who Scott is, he is the guy who writes most of the Livecycle ES Quickstarts and has a full depth of knowledge when it comes to LC ES. If you've ever needed to integrate LC ES with CMS or invoke an API remotely, you need to meet Scott!

This session is for anyone who has worked with Livecycle ES and found a need to extend it. It can be quite daunting your first time and that is why we have put this session together. Building and deploying a custom component and integrating Livecycle ES with other J2EE environment applications should not be feared. Once you have the know how, it is actually very easy due largely to the great architecture and abundance of collateral to help you. This session will impart this knowledge to attendees and you'll walk away with more than your money's worth for a 90 minute session.

Here is the session - register now:

Extending LiveCycle ES for Java Developers

Join product experts and others as we work through the process of creating a Plain Old Java Object (POJO) that will be packaged and deployed to the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite service container as a custom component. Once your component has been deployed and activated, you'll then explore several invocation methods (SOAP, REST, and Remoting) to call your newly available service.

Tracks: Develop
Audience: Architect, Web Developer, Application Developer
Skill Level: Advanced
Products: Flash Builder, LiveCycle ES
Speakers: Duane Nickull, Scott MacDonald
Monday, October, 25th, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

See you there!

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