Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tom's cool Zend AMF PHP extensions!

Normally when I am on vacation, I will post rather work -unrelated posts on this blog. Yesterday's downhill ski run was a good example. Today however, my Adobe compatriot did something so cool I felt compelled to blog about it. Here is the message he sent:

UPDATE: When I originally posted this, I had credited Tom. It is actually Piotr's creation - Tom was just kind enough to forward this to me. Both these guys are excellent programmers - check out their blogs!

"Just for your info guys, I published today my ZendAmfDs extension to Zend_Amf... - this is just to let you know if any one is interested in PHP stuff. ZendAmfDs allows you to configure SELECT and INSERT statements on server side (in xml file) and execute these from Flex in a nice and clean way ;) This release doesn’t support UPDATE’s yet but planning to have it implemented or maybe/hopefully someone from the community will pick this up. More info you will find here:

Another thing that is very interesting is that I’m receiving very positive feedback after one of my previous blog posts where I described how to configure Zend_Amf with whole Zend Framework and how to use it all together... It turns out people are actually looking into taking whole Zend Framework not only Zend_Amf."

IMO - this is very cool! Go check it out.

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