Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Music 2.0 comes to Twitter

MixMatchMusic ( launched, an easy-to-use linking technology that helps musicians virally promote their music and engage fans using Twitter. Controlled Substance Sound Labs label artists including Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Expendables, Mat McHugh and The Blackbird, Fishbone, and Rebelution are among some the first bands to promote their music via Twitter campaigns powered by is the first address link and URL shortener specifically for music and music-related content on the micro-web, including MP3s, music videos, artist interviews, news and reviews. Artists, and also fans sending tweets about music, use to point to the MP3 files and other music-related content on artist sites, MySpace pages or elsewhere. Without, the URL links are often too long to include in tweets and by being given the visual cue of, music lovers will know that the link will take them to music related content.

This is a Flash-based solution for artists seeking to make collaborative music and allow people to remix. Twitter provides the updates so if you want to get the latest music in real time, this is the next best thing to being in the actual studio listening to a producer try different mixes of your favorite bands.

What is also cool is that this is linked to a revenue model whereby artists set their parameters and share in revenue from listens, music for movies deals and sales of their content. I also think it is cool because this fights fire with fire. Supply and demand has typically been one artist track being demanded by lots of individuals. Now artists can provide multiple end mixes for one track, this reversing the deprecated economic models of the old music industry.

From MixMatchMusic:

" is also a highly viral way for music fans and members of the Twitter community to share music and music-related content among themselves. We think it is going to spark a ton of music discovery, and that's good for artists and fans alike."
Fans browsing Twitter feeds will be able to quickly spot out music related content and play music files directly through's player. " is the no fuss, no muss shortcut for discovering music, and all the great content that surrounds it, directly from a tweet.

Controlled Substance Sound Labs ( label umbrella for Stoopid Records and Law Records are using to engage fans and promote music by releasing new music from artists Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Fishbone, Rebelution, Mat McHugh and the Blackbird, Sabotage Soundsystem, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.

MicMatchMusic CEO Feinn said additional independent artists including BLVD, Angel Pier, Enzyme Dynamite, Trifonic, Throw Me the Statue, Dreamlin featuring Kim Powers, The Dance Party, T. Mandrake, and Radio Nowhere, are also using to promote their new releases.

He said that MixMatchMusic will be supporting these artists' Twitter and campaigns by releasing a song on Twitter each hour throughout Wednesday, February 11, accompanied by information about the song and artist on Evolving Music (

MixMatchMusic provides emerging artists with a number of technical, social and musical assets with which they can collaborate on, profit from and engage fans with their music:

• A dynamic music community. MixMatchArtists contribute parts of songs, called stems, such as guitar riffs, drum and vocal tracks; works in progress; or finished songs. Community members can search thru this catalog of sounds and songs to find stems to complement their own song ideas and works in progress. They can also communicate with other musicians to discuss song or album projects. Casual fans – even those who don't play an instrument – can experiment with the sounds, discover new music and download stems or songs for use as ringtones or soundtracks for slide shows.

• The MixMaker audio sequencer. Members of the community use the sequencer to mix, match, mash up and manipulate their stems along with stems contributed by various artists. The sequencer combines and synchronizes stems and tracks; its edit tools are powerful and precise, but easy-to-use.

• The MixMatchMusic marketplace. The marketplace is an enlightened system of rights tuned to the unique requirements of digital music and the needs of digital musicians. The marketplace also includes highly transparent accounting processes and transaction logs that ensure musicians know the status of their work, are attributed and paid whenever it is downloaded or used in other art, or even by casual fans as ringtones. Musicians collect 85 cents on each dollar transacted.

• The Remix Wizard is a widget installed on artist sites or MySpace pages that provides fans direct access to a simplified, lightweight version of the sequencer. Artists load stems of their songs into the Remix Wizard and invite their fans to mix and match the various parts and create entirely new compositions from those parts. The Remix Wizard is a simple-to-install and easy-to-use widget that gives indie artists a cool viral tool for engaging fans, and allows them to emulate the hugely popular remix promotions mounted by bands such as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails.

I am going to set up my bands on this as soon as I am back from Whistler.

Disclaimer: I have a personal financial interest in MixMatchMusic. I just want to disclose that so readers can fairly judge the preceding test.


  1. What's the point? Just another URL shortener, and I prefer any client I have to unshorten those, so I can see where it really goes. So, I wouldn't get this visual clue, anyway. If it was music specific, then a link to a song would give me am page about the artist, automatically play the song, offer me links to all the preferred places I want to buy it, and give me a little chat window to talk to others who like the new tracks.

    Think about it.

  2. Well, it does have an embedded player. So if you link to an mp3, it will play it for you. And information about the artist might not exist at all along with places to buy this very mp3.

  3. I see this as the beginning of a sharing platform on twitter. Step one, separate it form all the other clutter (political talk, jokes, mommy bloggers, etc.).

    Step 2, iterate and rule the world... just think of all the cool places a service like this can go!

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