Friday, February 06, 2009

I am starting to really, really love ColdFusion (again)

I was an Allaire CF user back in 1999 or thereabouts when it was first available. In fact, I remember Blue Mountain offering it using the "brand new" ASP model. The fact I could integrate data into dynamic HTML was really cool.

If you have been like me, a bit short of CF activity for a long time, it is time to look at CF again. CF rocks!! It is so easy to use and takes minutes to integrate with most technologies. Now I am not a professional programmer who uses it every day, but that is what stands out. Declarative programming languages are just easy to use. CF is the master.

On another note, someone once pointed out that CF developers are paranoid sometimes. I can see why. If you saw your favorite technology being bought and acquired a few times, you might be unsure what direction it may take. I really hope Adobe has been clear but CF developers have a strong evangelist in me and I am an Adobe employee. If I can be of any help to clarify the future of CF or you need an ally, call me. I'll go as far as it takes to ensure CF lives forever!!

I also thought I'd make fun of CF developers (making fun of ourselves used to be part of the CF culture back in the Allaire days) and my boss, Ben Forta, seems to embody this. I wrote an algorithm for how CF developers' internal thinking process works. It is just a joke so please do not take offense.

* yes - I consider myself a CF person now!

Import com.array.ColdFusionHaterList.*;
Private var developer = new Developer;

// create a new conversation and pass it the argument of the instance of developer.
Private var myConversation conv = new conversation(developer).startConversation();

// test to see if Coldfusion is mentioned once every twelve words.
if ((conv.getWordCountSpoken() >= 12) && (String(“ColdFusion”) = “false”))
} else {


I am now offline for the week to go to Whistler and read a CF book to learn more advanced topics. Cheers!


  1. Thanks for the love, Duane. The ColdFusion community does get a little skittish about the fate of our beloved product from time to time. But that's only because we love it with a fierce passion that not every product engenders.

    Terry Ryan fellow Platform Evangelist

  2. Glad to hear it. Poor old Cf went through a bad time when Macr bought it. The best tech on the market. Shame developers need to put things on their CV's so go for .net or java.

    Best thing adobe could do is get CF widely hosted and then adoption might grow. PHP is cool, but CF is cooler.


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