Thursday, February 05, 2009

Adobe AIR covered in Time Magazine

I got an internal email from a colleague today about this article in Time Magazine (note it is on page 2 of the article):

"A nice piece in Time Magazine (online today, in hard copy next issue) discusses new applications and products for e-reading, and the future of publishing. The writer references the concept of an “appgazine” — magazines acting “more like computer programs than Web or printed pages.” He interviewed Kevin L who demonstrated the International Herald Tribune Reader and (RED)WIRE applications.
"I saw my first real appgazine one day in downtown San Francisco, at Adobe, a company whose software dominates the production side of the publishing industry. Chief technology officer Kevin Lynch held in his hands a mobile Internet device made by a Chinese company called Aigo. This model, already on the market in Asia, has an easily readable touchscreen. But more interesting than how it looked was the software it was running — Adobe AIR."

Very cool that Time has recognized the immense value and shift!

1 comment:

  1. AIR is great! The interface is truly consistent between Mac and Windows and there's no learning curve involved when moving from Flex.


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