Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mac XML Schema <-> UML tools. Which is best?

I am needing a tool that can slurp in an XML Schema (W3C format but if it does RNG too that would be killer as I prefer it) and show a UML Class View Diagram of the data model. It must run natively on Mac OS X. I would like a tool that recognizes that UML 2.0 can express a superset of an XML model (contain additional constraints), yet be able to convert from the UML to the XML expression of a given data model and preferably generate any warnings of lost constraints/semantics/cardinality rules etc. I do not want to use XMI if I can help it.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Open source preferred!



  1. A UML tool that runs natively on a Mac??? Yea right ... I've been searching for an adequate one of those for years. If you use Parallels, you might want to try Enterprise Architect. Not sure if can do the XML schema that you're talking about, but it's pretty powerful.

  2. Visual Paradigm did an okay job sometimes (I had CE) but not sure if they can get it to support XML Schema.

    I use VMWare sometimes but hate virtual machines. Would prefer native Mac. Enterprise Architect sounds promising.

  3. There was a tool called Saffron in development but it seems to have ground to a complete halt. The developer of it has gone all quiet with no tweets or blog posts for months.

    Shame as it looked tres cool.

    Perhaps we'll see some progress in 2009


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