Thursday, January 08, 2009

D.O.A. (Doom Oriented Architecture) replaces SOA!

Having now understood Anne Thomas Manes original post (and am in agreement) as well as reading Mark Little's Response as well as formulating my own, I have now come to realize the obvious.

Nothing we do will be remembered in 100 years!

I had a further epiphany:

If anything is in danger of being remembered in 100 years, someone will change the terms to confuse any observer as to it's origins and semantics!

Now why is that relevant to SOA? Well marketeers are really to blame. SOA is sort of funny because most people don't even know where the term came from in the first place. The ebXML Technical Architecture (circa 1999) used the term "services" throughout most of the document but did not actually use the exact term SOA. The United Nations CEFACT Electronic Business Architecture (circa June 2001) was the first to actually use the exact phrase "Service Oriented Architecture" in Section "4.0 Overview" where it explicitly states:

188 Some of the key feature capabilities of this architecture are:
190 • Platform independence.
191 • Event driven and Service Oriented Architecture.

The W3C Web Services Architecture (which I also worked on) also uses the term Service throughout the document and at roughly the same time as the UN/CEFACT work, added the specific term " 2.3.2 The Service Oriented Model" into the document.

As we all know, ebXML basically has no ISV following yet the principles of its messaging live on in WS-RX, WS-SX, SOAP and other similar protocols/standards under the WS-* umbrella. The thing itself did not die, just morphed into a butterfly.

That is why I am advocating the new term DOA or "Doom Oriented Architecture" since everything we seem to work on is in some way doomed by marketeers changing the buzzwords. Even within companies, terms like "Apollo" get changed to "AIR" which dooms any attempt by evangelists to build a consistent, non-confusing message. In a world of challenges, only doom is real. Doom is also a fun word to say and can be used to build a whole new world of acronyms given there are no good IT words that start with the letter "D".

Perhaps this is only a side effect of the IT industry's master plan to confuse the entire population of the world by constantly changing terms.

DOOM ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE - embrace the future. It's here! It's DOA!


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  1. Not to be confused with "Duane Oriented Architecture" :)


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