Friday, November 14, 2008

Double-neck Fender Pre Bass/ Stratocaster done!

It took me a while to complete this project but it is finally done. The body itself was built in 1986 by Cremer Guitarworks out of Illinois. I originally put some cheaper necks on it to test it out but it is now complete with a 2005 Pre bass and 2008 Fender Strat.

I put custom pickup for the guitar (Seymour hot stacks) and some other custom goodies but tried to keep it the way Fender would have built it if they ever made such a beast.

Now I need to find a case for it before it can go on the road with 22nd Century and Stress Factor 9.


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  2. thanks u r information

  3. @ Kate Kohl

    More like intoxicating! It plays so well. I can't wait for my case to arrive next week!!!


  4. I got my case!!! Have Ampeg 8*10 and SVT pro 2 for Bass, thinking of Fender Twin Rev or Rectefier 2*12 for Guitar. Bass sounded rad through the rectifier (Kind of like the intro of BIlly Talent's "Devil in a midnight mass").

  5. @Bug - you gotta try this buddy. OMFG!!!! It's like living music all over again!!!

  6. @Scorpio - I hope you are sincere and not just spamming. You want to be a friend - let's do it, but please do not advertise off topic on my blog. I don't mind if it is on topic and relevant. Otherwise, we have to discuss. BTW - If your Indian free classified have music entries, please let us know. I am interested in coming back to India and want to hook up to jam with some people!

    Duane Chaos...

  7. Thats just the bass-guitar combination I am dreaming of.
    1rst idea was: as little work as possible.
    But now I think, taking a RH-Srat plus a RH Bass is better than an LH-Bass and an RH-Strat or way round (LH-Strat, RH-Bass, cause bass needs to be the lower one).
    I will check it out with two cheap Squiers ...

  8. @Groove - I am actually selling it if you are interested (minus the necks).

    1. I know my comment is over a year later, but did you sell it?

  9. GL - no, it is still for sale. Are you interested?


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