Saturday, November 15, 2008

22nd Century @ 330 Ritch, Monday Nov 17

10:00 PM will hit the stage. Set list below:

Live at the Railway Club, May 2008

Peculiar - Original (for upcoming 2nd CD)
Echo Beach - Punk version of Marth and Muffins
Live in Space - Original (off CD "The Twenty Second Century")
No Secrets - Punk version of Angel City song
Let me be - Original (off CD "The Twenty Second Century")
Sawgrass Hill - Original (off CD "The Twenty Second Century")
Saturday Nights all right for fighting - Punk version of Elton John Classic
Good Grief - Cover of Foo Fighters
Pieces - Sum 41 Cover
509 - Original (off CD "The Twenty Second Century")
Longview - Greenday Cover
FireFly - Original off "Little Green Planet"
Zero - Smashing Pumpkins Cover
Nightmare - Original (off CD "The Twenty Second Century")
What my Age - Blink 182 cover
U Generation - Original (for upcoming 2nd CD)

+ some others (in case of encore)


  1. love their songs so much!

  2. 509 is infectious (catchy). It runs through my head. Keep on rockin' - Howard

  3. Duane hey dude I didn't realize you were in city last week. do you have video of your show? Email it to me if you do

    thanks bro


  4. Savoy:

    Sorry bro - no video. There are some great shots on our myspace from the gig ( Let me know if you want a CD and I'll send you one out.


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