Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to run LC ES 8.0 and 8.2 on the same machine!

Okay - if you read the headline and are now reading this, you are a geek, a developer or both. There is no way normal people would read up on this topic. What about me though - I wrote it. Dang!!

About a week or two ago on the Google LiveCycle Developers list, Jochem van Dietem posted a question asking if it was possible to run two versions of LiveCycle ES (8.0 and 8.2) side by side. After some preliminary advice from members, we basically realized this was new ground and Jochem graciously agreed to be a guinea pig and see if it was possible. Not even Adobe Product Management had done this (to be fair, there is not really any valid use case for this other than developers who want to write and test Adobe LiveCycle applications on two different versions).

Jochem got both the install done and then documented how to install and run the two versions. The articles are here:


And the followup article about running them simultaneously:


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